Gastric Distress – A Home Remedy

Food poisoning is not fun. A statement most readers can identify with at least once in their life. A mild case can see you benched for several hours and a severe case can continue to cause issues for days on end. Though there are a number of medications available to assist, you may want to try a simple home remedy – ginger.

Ginger is a common cooking ingredient in many cultures and though humble, it contains the ability to nullify poison. This is partly the reason it is given to customers who order sushi (albeit pickled) – not only does it cleanse the palette, it also has the ability to nullify small amounts of poison.

Symptoms to look out for when suffering from gastric distress include: diarrhoea, general bowel urgency, nausea, stomach cramps with possible excessive sweating.

To use ginger as a remedy for food poisoning you should :

1) Cut a 1cm piece of ginger, skin it, slice it into discs (not match sticks) and finally crush it.

2) Place into a standard coffee/tea cup (250mls) and pour hot water into the cup – you may also add a tea bag of black tea.

3) Cover and allow the hot water to infuse with ginger, this should take about 10-15 minutes and you will know it is ready as it will become aromatic.

4) Drink while still hot (but bearable) and this can be repeated with fresh ginger up to three times a day if symptoms persist.

Remember that you are losing a lot of fluid when you have diarrhoea from food poisoning so it is very important to hydrate constantly; standard fluid should be combined with something to replenish electrolytes – ginger tea is not a substitute for this type of hydration.

If using the ginger does not subside the issue then it is worthwhile speaking to your health care practitioner and if you have digestive distress very often, there may be a more serious underlying issue and a trip to your doctor is highly recommended.

For assistance with all digestive issues please contact a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

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