Enhancing Athletic Performance with TCM

Undertaking any kind of sport, professional or amateur, can be a wonderful way to deal with stress, lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. These types of activities can be hindered by a number of things be they physical, mental or even emotional however through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine – there may be a way to assist.

The primary concern that arises in the clinic regarding athletic performance tends to relate to injury. As discussed previously, TCM views pain a little differently. A quick run down is that pain is considered a form of blockage in an area, this may be energetic (dull throb with no visual signs) or physical (bruising, discolouration, sharp pain). Situations like this call for the use of acupuncture which encourages blood to the site of injury. Blood carries endorphins (natural pain killers) so when it arrives at the site of injury, the pain will decrease and the blood itself will initiate the repair process.

This response is a natural one that the body will facilitate with rest or other manual therapies however the process is sped up through the use of acupuncture as the primary goals are to assist the patient with pain and return them to peak performance as soon as possible.

Traditional Chinese Medicine can also assist with enhancing performance outside of injury. As mentioned the use of acupuncture encourages blood flow to an area, when a person is not injured this can act as a way to facilitate a more supple nature to musculature which may assist with performance and prevent injury.

If fatigue has occurred from over training then it is possible to utilise herbal medicines to clear away the build up of stress within the body. Some may term this as adrenal fatigue and left untreated it can advance to much more complicated issues. Herbal medicines are very effective in treating fatigue as they require very little in terms of the body’s natural resources and so the effect of taking the specifically prescribed formula should boost the natural recovery of the body.

As always please ensure that your practitioner is registered to practice whichever therapies you seek out or you are welcome to contact us for assistance.

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