Exercise Therapy

A Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth

Physical therapy is a crucial part of well being. It can often be the deciding factor that determines if a patient is able to completely recover from a disease or if the disease can remain lingering. Martial Arts is a fantastic physical therapy, especially if the system being taught is authentic and the practitioner is passionate about teaching. Real Martial Arts is considered a treasure thus it is a Tooth from the Tiger’s Mouth (a rare item worth the risk of obtaining).

Please contact us for further information.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong


Tai Chi and Qi Gong are a very important part of internal health. A union of movement and breathing strengthens the body and enhances the mind.

Research has shown that performing Chinese Exercise Therapy has beneficial outcomes on psychoemotional health (stress, anxiety, depression), cardiovascular health, pain reduction and improved balance with more new research emerging daily.

It is a form of exercise recommended for all ages and all genders to cultivate and enhance longevity and well being.

Often called “moving meditation”, you are NEVER too old to try this form of Martial Arts as it is both relaxing and effective due to the low impact nature of the movements.

We also offer training in the form of workshops held on certain Sundays or private training (one on one); please contact us for more information.

Want to know which workshop is most suitable for you? Have a listen.

Taiji Benefits

TaiChi Workshop

Xing Lin Quan

Xing Lin Quan crest

Translated as ‘Apricot Forest Fist’, this unique style was created by Dr. Jimmy Le (TCM) to incorporate the effective techniques he has learned from many different styles over the years.

It is a hard-soft striking style, akin to Kung fu or Karate that is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves on the street while growing inner confidence.

This style has less emphasis on tradition and more focus on mindset while helping the student create their own unique style catered to their body size and ability.

Martial Arts is like a second language – you may never need to use it but incredibly handy if you do. Our classes are by invitation only to ensure each student receives adequate attention. If you believe that you may be suitable to join our classes then please contact us to begin your journey towards better health and legitimate self esteem.

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