Clinic Fees


Initial Consultation





Acupuncture &

Tui Na Massage



Acupuncture &

Bowen Therapy



Health Assessment

(Consultation Only)



Herbal Medicine**


Acupuncture fee is inclusive of health assessment.

If you come in for a health assessment and our team decides acupuncture is the best course of treatment for you then you will only pay the total cost of acupuncture ($115 initial or $100 follow up) – not the acupuncture fee on top of the health assessment.

Herbal product is $44 per week in addition to any other service provided.

*Please provide 24 hours notice if you require a reschedule/cancellation; failure to provide 24 hours notice will incur the full cost of the missed session to be paid at your next visit.

**Our clinic does not dispense herbal medicine without a consultation. Herbal Medicine cost is inclusive of GST.

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