TCM & Corona Virus

The corona virus has been given extensive media attention in the last few weeks (depending on your time of reading) and it is causing mass concerns in regards to spread and quarantine. This article will not cover the information pertaining to these things but rather on the prospect of prevention and recovery.

Chinese medicine, both acupuncture and herbal, has always had a long history and focus on prevention rather than cure. It is why many practitioners have a call to action right before the seasons change as they want to help patients boost their immunity prior as opposed to getting sick. Historically a Chinese Medicine Practitioner would be hired a wealthy family and they would perform daily treatments as required then at the end of the month, if any family members became sick it meant that the practitioner did not get paid thus they had an incentive to prevent the occurrence of illness over the actual treatment.

Considerations to personal hygiene are of paramount importance in times of illness but beyond that there is a lot of emphasis on waiting out the disease. Just like the annual flu, there is a strong chance of getting sick simply because the immune system is constantly bombarded and it is at times like this that Chinese Medicine can be the most effective.

There are a multitude of acupuncture points that boost the immune system and also many herbal formulas that can boost the therapeutic effect of the acupuncture prescription. One such is formula is known as Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Screen Powder) which has been used for centuries to bolster the immune system prior to a shift in season and prevent illness from spreading.

If prevention has been left for too long without action and you have fallen sick, it is also possible to receive treatment to enhance recovery time. Wind heat based pathogens such as the flu can take some time to work through the body however with the use of acupuncture and herbal formulas such as Yin Qiao San, a person is able to speed up the natural recovery rate of the body to push out the illness faster. This should be followed with a immunity boosting course of treatments as many readers have experienced multiple flus in the same season and this can continue unless the immune system is strengthened.

For anyone who is over the age of 30 or has a history of recurring illness and low immunity – it is highly recommended that you seek out the assistance of a registered practitioner to assist in boosting your immune system to heighten the chances of preventing illness ranging from seasonal changes to pandemic viruses.

If you require assistance with your health and immunity – you are also welcome to contact us.

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