How Heart Break Impacts Your Health

Previously we discussed how the emotions stirred during a break up can be similar to those of addictions as seen via neuroscience. This article will discuss the symptoms that can impact your health when you experience heart break.

Love is a wonderful sensation that we have all felt at some point. Though it is a positive emotion it is essentially an addiction as it can cause personality changes, increased risk taking, mood swings, cravings and general obsession. In short, love can be a constructive addiction if it is returned or destructive if it is one sided.

When we view how powerfully the emotion of love can change our entire personality, what do you think happens during a break up?

A research study involving 114 women and men who had experienced rejection by a partner within the last 8 weeks saw a 40% measurable rate of depression with 12% of that group presenting with moderate to severe depression*.

Psychoemotional issues that arise (outside of depression) include anxiety, irritability, twisted perception of reality, grief, fear, guilt, shattered self esteem, isolation and self hatred.

Though a break up creates a large amount of psychoemotional pain we cannot ignore the physical symptoms that manifest as well. These include (but are not limited to)  lethargy, pain, insomnia, nausea, shortness of breath, indigestion, poor appetite, palpitations and many more. The reason physical symptoms are created during this time is because of the brain body connection; essentially our mental state manifests in our physical health.

As we discussed in a previous article, time can heal the wounds however it will not be a complete heal. No break up is easy and you do not want to damage your relationship with friends or family by putting that pressure on them to understand and help you. If you would like assistance dealing with this difficult time, please contact us.


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