Uncovering The Benefits Of Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal breathing, also known as diaphragm breathing has a long known history of benefit in Eastern culture. This is especially true among those that have practiced internally nourishing art forms such as Tai Chi or yoga. However what is it that makes abdominal breathing so beneficial to our health?

The topic of abdominal breathing has become popular in the fields of medical, psychological and sports science research over the last two decades and the fruits of this interest are as follows.

Abdominal breathing is believed to assist with:

1) Decreasing heart rate

2) Decreasing blood pressure

3) Decreasing the blood oxygen consumption level (ability to obtain or maintain a state of calm)

4) Increase parasympathetic activity (better digestion, gland activity and general invigoration)

5) Increased theta brain waves

Some of the above are self-explanatory while others involve a lot more medical know-how. The point that is most interesting is the increased theta brain wave activity. Theta waves are the waves our brains emit right before we hit a state of sleep. These waves are associated with deep relaxation (to still the mind) and modern research has begun to find links between theta brain waves and improved creativity while also reporting that people who access this stage of brain activity at will have an increased ability to learn and retain new skills and information.

When considering the health benefits from this technique, it would be excellent as a skill you could implement to assist with stress, depression, anxiety and should also be used to assist during any panic attacks that may occur.

So many benefits from such an easy technique. So what is the best way to maximise your exposure to this unique skill? Our clinic offers training in Tai Chi and Qi Gong which has a strong emphasis on abdominal breathing while also adding specific movements to maximum things such as cardiovascular health, flexibility and balance.

Contact us to learn this life skill.

As always for those who wish to read the specifics, please refer to the following link:


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