Mindfulness – A Tale Of Two Monks

Something a little different with our blog entry today. I would like to share with you a Buddhist story on mindfulness.

“One day two monks on their morning pilgrimage came across a stranded young lady by the river. The older monk offered to carry the woman across on his back and she took him up on the offer. Once safely on the other side the young lady thanked them and they parted ways. After continuing on their journey for awhile the younger monk finally expressed his disapproval as monks were not allowed to touch women. The older monk smiled and replied ‘I had already released her once the river was crossed yet you still carry her in your mind.’”

This short story outlines a key concept that has a strong root in good psychoemotional health. All decisions in life once made are already done. Accept the results and do not dwell upon it. Release whatever you carry when it is appropriate and do not think back upon it – live in the moment as you can not drive by looking in the rear view mirror only.

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