Three Ways To Move Towards Better Psychoemotional Health

Over the last few articles the definitions, diagnosis and damage from psychoemotional health problems such as stress, depression and anxiety have been discussed. As Chinese Medicine philosophy dictates – prevention is better than cure so this article will provide you with three ways to move towards better psychoemotional health.

1 – Avoid Excess Thinking

Everything has a time and place. When you are eating, enjoy the flavour of the food and be thankful for the meal. When you are in bed, calm the mind and focus on the comfortable nature of the bed so you can drift to sleep. When you are at work, think about the job at hand and perform it. Giving too much attention to the future or the past will ensure that your body falls out of balance. Essentially this advice means to stop and smell the flowers.

2 – Avoid Needless Craving

This particular piece of advice has to do with the concept of wanting. Our brains are wired to react to the advertising that we see. How often have you spent hours researching an item that you wanted despite not needing it or not having the resources to acquire it? Again this puts the mind in a state of constant strain. From a philosophical perspective – be content with what you have. From a practical stand point – save up for the thing you want then research your purchase when you are positive a purchase will be made.

3 Avoid Distracting Thoughts

Perhaps the most difficult of the three points listed. Humans are now seeking constant and easy stimulation. With social media, communication tools and the entire internet at the tips of our fingers constantly, it has become very difficult to focus on things that need to be done. This becomes especially dangerous when the internet has a way of causing people to become emotionally triggered (be it sad, angry or happy) which leads to a direct correlation to damaging your health. A study has shown that we are the most connected generation ever yet the rates of depression and isolation are at an all time high. Limit yourself to the exposure of these distracting tools and distracting people and focus on what you set out to do.

In summary, three ways to move towards better psychoemotional health include the avoidance of excess thinking, needless craving and distracting thoughts. Live in the moment and enjoy the world of abundance already around you. Of course there are times when you are put in a situation where you need help dealing with the troubles unfolding around you and that is perfectly naturally. Should such a situation arise please feel free to contact us.

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