Fertility – A Dance For Two

Before going into the bulk of this article I would like to express my understanding and respect for same sex couples and single parents to be as this article is not aimed to alienate anyone. I have assisted same sex couples and wonderful women who wish to raise a child on their own in their goals to be great parents with great results through the help of Chinese Medicine and modern science. 

When dealing with fertility it is rather unfair that the bulk of the responsibility falls upon the female, after all it does take two to tango. Women’s health is a major area of Chinese Medicine and we can assist patients who are trying to fall pregnant naturally or by assisting during the IVF procedure. The opposite end of the spectrum runs true as well.

Men’s health, particularly reproductive, is termed Andrology. When considering the topic of male fertility everything filters down to sperm, specifically number, movement and structure. These factors are assessed when there is an issue with fertility and once the green light is given, the responsibility then rests upon the woman.

Take a moment to consider the emotional and mental strain that puts upon a person. Adding that much stress can lead to issues conceiving on top of any existing issues.

Now the idea of good male fertile health mentioned above adheres to the biomedical concept. It is a little different in Chinese Medicine. Any number of symptoms can add to difficulty conceiving. Below are a few areas to look out for:

1) Lifestyle – overworking, poor sleep habits, too much stress, other thinking.

2) Diet – are you eating right? Is there too much alcohol? Smoking or drug habits?

3) Excessive sexual activity – with your partner or solo, sperm may regenerate but it also needs time to optimise.

Some signs and symptoms include lower back pain, knee pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, irritability, anger, anxiety, night sweats and erectile dysfunction. The list becomes much more extensive.

For optimal fertility, both parties should be in good health as the state of your health at the time of conception is the health that you are passing on to your child. This is why Chinese Medicine attempts to regulate the woman’s health for three months prior to attempting to conceive. It is also why we encourage the male in the relationship to receive treatment alongside their partner – prevention is better than cure after all.

In summary, a successful fertility treatment has a much higher success rate if both parties undergo treatment because despite having a clean bill of fertile health according to biomedicine – there are causative factors that can impair the sexual health of both parties.

For questions or help with fertility please contact us.

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