Optimising Fertility with TCM

Sub-fertility (previous infertility) can be a daunting prospect for those that are looking to start a family. This can be due to many different factors including physical, emotional and age however each of these factors may be mitigated with with the use of Chinese Medicine.

Chinese medicine views fertility in a very similar lens to biomedicine. Within the biomedical framework a woman’s cycle is broken into phases and hormones (generally oestrogen and progesterone) and it is the same in TCM though we use the terms yin and yang instead. How traditional Chinese Medicine differs though is that each phase is seen as unique and is treated differently as the patient enters that particular phase of the cycle.

The symptoms a patient experiences in each phase of a cycle can indicate where an issue may be present. For example if in the pre menstrual phase there is soreness in the chest with serious mood swings – a practitioner would consider the internal interactions of the liver. A lack of libido would prompt a practitioner to observe the ovulation phase as it deals with yang and a lack of yang can cause the inability for a foetus to be held in the womb.

Ideally a patient should go through 3 natural cycles (3 months) with defined phases to be considered fertile. It is essentially like preheating the oven perfectly before doing any baking. To achieve this type of cycle many changes to lifestyle may need to be made along with acupuncture sessions and possibly the use of herbal medicine – the best course of action is to discuss your needs with your practitioner.

Another important point to note is that for a successful pregnancy that carries to term – both partners must receive treatment. Though there may be no discernible issues with either person, it is believed that both partners ought to be at the highest point of health to pass on the best genetic resources to their child.

Fertility itself is a broad field of medicine. Chinese medicine can be used to assist with the initial phase of falling pregnant but can also be implemented for threatened miscarriage, morning sickness, breech position, induction and postpartum care; it is a valuable resource throughout all stages of fertility.

If you would like any assistance with fertility then please contact us or a seek a registered practitioner in your area.



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