Treatment Interval

One of the comments we often hear from patients is that they are coming from or heading to another health or relaxation therapy appointment such as a physiotherapy, chiropractic or massage therapy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing several practitioners for a particular medical issues however this article will address several reasons why you should allow time between visiting different modalities.

  • The body can take up to 24 hours to adjust to a treatment. This is because the brain needs to go into deep sleep (thus the importance of sleep) in order for the brain to sort, process and store information and experiences.

  • It is possible to overstimulate the body. If the body receives too much stimulus from any source, let alone several, it can be registered as trauma and the mind will go into damage control as opposed to recovery. This is partly reflected in greater discomfort over a period of several days after a treatment. This can become a much larger problem if symptoms are getting worse due to said over-stimulation and it basically becomes a situation where the patient is taking one step forward and two steps back.

  • Trying two different therapies so close together will make it difficult to see which is yielding results. As per point one but this also becomes a financial burden to a patient.

As discussed in a previous article, it is generally advised to get two sessions of acupuncture per week for two weeks before spacing out sessions in order to establish a proper treatment foundation. This number generally does not change even if a patient is adhering to a different treatment modality as the framework for acupuncture is different to that of other complimentary therapies.

It is even ill advised to get too many acupuncture sessions too close together unless you are undergoing a specific protocol treatment or if a patient is in the recovery process from an extensive trauma such as stroke.

If you are seeing several practitioners for the same issue then make sure you:

  1. Disclose to each practitioner that you are seeking other forms of therapy at the same time.
  2. Try to only have one session of a particular healing modality in a 24hr time frame.
  3. Record how you feel the next morning after a particular session.

Remember that the body generally wants to heal itself (autoimmune disorders aside) and any medical treatment you receive should simply be to enhance that natural healing process – to restore the body to balance/homeostasis. Give any therapy you try an appropriate number of foundation sessions and do not try to speed up the healing process by doing too many sessions or trying too many modalities at a close interval.

If you or anyone you know requires assistance with their health goals please take the first step and contact us.

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