Spring: Seasonal Well-being

Spring has arrived (to those of us in the Southern Hemisphere anyway) and it is a time to make a few changes to your lifestyle in order to keep your immune system strong and your longevity optimal.

In Chinese medicine we say that the pathogen associated with spring is wind and wind itself is the spear head of a thousand diseases. Many people embrace the incoming warm weather however many others know that it is a time for serious sinus issues. This sudden shift in weather often triggers allergies and it can be very frustrating and unbearable for those that suffer. The good news is that spring has not fully arrived yet so you can still seek our acupuncture treatment to boost the immune system in order to cancel out or at least minimalise the damage.

It is advisable to always wear a scarf in spring. This may be uncomfortable when the sun comes out to play (especially in Australia) however wind attacks and enters the body primarily through the back of the neck. Covering this area of your body with a scarf will provide you with better protecting during this season.

As always you should eat according to season. Fresh produce should be available in the form of yams and mushrooms and for those after a touch of culinary adventure – try cooking with bamboo (please read up on how to clean them properly as they can be toxic otherwise).

As spring is seen as yin transforming into yang, it is advisable to wake later in the morning and sleep later of an evening. This corresponds with the idea of borrowing the natural energy from nature, yin is rest while yang is movement. Even those that do not subscribe to this idea will notice a boost in their energy levels as the weather grows warmer.

In summary, get treatment early if you get spring time allergies, always wear a scarf, change your diet according to the currently available produce and sleep in during the morning (where possible) while heading to bed a little later if needed.

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