Five Ways To Maximise Your Digestive Health

Do your current dietary habits cause discomfort, bloating, digestive upset or keep you feeling hungry constantly? This article will provide you with five simple ways to maximise your digestive health and move towards a healthier you.

1) Eat according to season: when you shop for your produce, buy the cheapest fruits and vegetables. They are cheap because they are in season and since humans are also part of nature – this makes the produce easier to digest. Good for your body and for your wallet.

2) Everything in moderation: unless you adhere to a specific diet it is fine to eat everything in moderation. This includes things like chocolate and wine but extends to the opposite end of the spectrum too. Salad is considered good for you however excessive consumption may lead to digestive nonconformity (bloating and diarrhoea).

3) Eat at the same time daily: our digestion can be trained just like any other part of our bodies. Eating at the same time daily will create a neural pathway that activates your digestion at a specific time in order for your body to absorb the most nutrients from the food. This technique may also assist with the constant feeling of hunger due to the brain knowing nourishment will arrive soon.

4) Eat until you are 70% full: if you adhere to this rule then your body will get everything it needs without you feeling bloated or needing larger quantities of food. It is easy to sustain this rule if you drink lots of water daily in conjunction.

5) Walk 100 paces after each meal: the Chinese believe this is one of the secrets to longevity. Walking one hundred paces after eating will help to get the energy moving and also kick start the gastrointestinal digestive process.

As always this advice is generalised. Seek advice from a registered medical practitioner before undertaking any major changes to your diet and if you suffer from digestive  upset of any kind – please contact us for assistance.

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