Five Ways To Enhance Recovery

The road to recovery can be a long one and depending on how you undertake the journey – things can either go quickly or drag out. This article will outline five ways to help you enhance your recovery and get you back to living life how you want.

1) Treatment Frequency: this is important and has been covered previously however the succinct summary is that the more treatments you commit to, the faster you can recover. From an acupuncture perspective, it is advisable to see your practitioner at least twice a week when you first start to build a steady and rising threshold which should plateau and require less treatments and finally occasional follow ups. This does not mean it is beneficial to get many different types of treatments back to back as it can actually hinder the healing process.

2) Dietary Changes: your practitioner may give you dietary advice that seems strange and unrelated to your primary complaint however it is a necessary part of a speedy recovery. For example if you are coming in for recurring soreness in the neck and you get advised to change your diet, this can be confusing however in Chinese medicine the liver is responsible for tendons and ligaments and if your diet compliments the liver then the ligaments in your neck will also be less prone to injury.

3) Lifestyle Adjustments: you may be asked to undertake more of one activity or less of another in order to speed up your recovery. If you have trouble sleeping then it is advised that you turn off all electronic devices an hour prior to sleeping to allow the mind to settle. Those who seek assistance for injuries will need to understand that they will need to allow time for the body to recover so no participation in a particular physical activity for a set duration. Patients who seek weight management assistance may be told to undertake more physical activity. The advice given will be specific to the main complaint provided.

4) Herbal Medication: this one is generally optional and can either work as a way to bypass the twice a week initial frequency requirement or can be used in conjunction with it in order to reach the healing plateau even faster. Some patients may not need herbal medicine and some may be apprehensive about taking them. If your practitioner is registered then the herbal products provided are all approved by the Therapeutics Good Administration – the Australian governing body on imports for health products that ensure the safety of consumption. A registered practitioner will also understand the herb drug interaction between any prescribed medication from your General Practitioner and the herbs on offer.

5) Healing Mindset: the concept of the healing mindset can be a strange one. Who wants to be sick and not get better? It has less to do with the previous statement and more to do with people who start to identify as the disorder. Saying things like “I’m depressed” can make the fact sink in and make the speed of recovery grind to a halt. That is not to say that you should not identify the problem however adjust the phrasing to state “I am feeling depressed” as opposed to “I am depressed” – it seems like a small distinction but it can create dramatic changes.

In conclusion it is possible to enhance the speed of recovery by following these five things: Treatment Frequency, Dietary Changes, Lifestyle Adjustments, Herbal Medication and Healing Mindset. Though some of the changes may be difficult to begin with, they are worthwhile to ensure you get back to living life how you want. As always please ensure your practitioner is registered or feel free to contact us for assistance.

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