Mindfulness: Bitter Medicine

Today I would like to share with you a Japanese Proverb that will hopefully spark some mindfulness. The saying is as follows:

‘Ryoyaku wa Kuchi ni nigashi.’

This translates to ‘Good medicine taste bitter in the mouth.’

There are many translations and interruptions to this phrase some include:

1) The literal sense – good medicine must be bitter to be effective.

2) Good advice is always hard to hear when it needs to be heard.

3) One must endure something difficult in order to achieve something great.

Regardless of how you may interpret the proverb, it holds true that nothing worthwhile is ever easily be it reaching a personal goal, a professional goal, having a good relationship with others or obtaining better health. Do not give up no matter how hard things get as Winston Churchill stated ‘If you are going through hell, keep going.’

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