Prevention or Cure? The Cost of Inaction

Take a moment to contemplate – when was the last time you did something beneficial for your health before the aches and pains begun?

Humans are adaptive creatures, we are able to block a certain amount of pain and discomfort in order to soldier on. This eventually leads to a compounded effect on your health though. Like an athlete that refuses to take time off after a minor injury, constant use of the injured body part can quickly put an end to an otherwise successful career.

While it is true that not every one is an athlete, everyone still uses their brains for a living and there are endless stressors around us that build up. You may notice it as tight shoulders which is easily ignored but how long until that becomes something much more insidious? You can find out a more detailed explanation here.

If we liken our brains to a computer then the example could be drawn between the parallel of a computer being left on for an extended period of time beginning to stagger and lag. The recommended fix would be to shut off the machine for a short period in order for it to be able to cool down and start running at 100% again. We refuel our cars, recharge our phones and reboot our computers so why avoid giving your body the same care that you give your material objects?

Though the use of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine have great effect on disorders, the medicine was always believed to be most effective in the realm of prevention rather than cure. Historically, a Chinese Medicine practitioner would be hired by an elite family and he would be tasked with the role of ensuring no one in the family fell sick. This would include performing daily acupuncture to boost the immune system and overseeing the use of herbal medicine and selective cooking ingredients depending on the season to keep the family in optimal health. If anyone in that family fell sick, the practitioner would not receive payment for that particular month of work.

Preventative medicine aside, it is also of key import that you have a form of physical activity you enjoy. Martial Arts is suggested in this particular instance as you would be able to strengthen the body, alleviate mental stress all while learning a life skill (at least if the school is right for you, find out more here: Unable to spare half an hour to an hour a day for training? It may not matter for a day or two however what is the compound effect of not taking action today?

Seeking out treatment and making the time to train can seem like a financial and time expensive venture however making these commitments will pay off in the long term as your mind and body will have the fortitude and health to allow you to push yourself to your limits.

As the classics of Chinese Medicine, culture and philosophy state:

Digging a well when you are already thirsty or forging a blade when the war has already begun – is it not too late?

If you make time to care for your mind and body – keep it up. If you ignore it, please make the change today to save yourself from suffering in the future.

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